Every USB discography stick contains the entire collection of Elise Boulanger's musical recordings. 

When you buy a USB, you automatically become a part of her Loyalty Program. This means that every recording she releases will be sent to you ad infinitum! USBs also contain additional graphics and content.


The 16 GB USBs are made out of bamboo, a plant that uses relatively little water compared to other materials. This paired with the continual gift of music makes it a value-added product to intentionally avoid throw-away consumerism. 

Track Listing: 
Elise Boulanger - "The Mariner's Remedy"

iNTRiKeT Feat. Elise Boulanger - "Come and Get Me"
The Blooming - "Sun-Eyed"
The Blooming - "Chrysalis"

The Blooming - "Hollow Hands"

The Blooming - "Medusa"

Loyalty Program USB discography stick *16 GB

    • High Grade UDP 1 piece chipsets for FASTER read / write speeds
    • Shock resistant and water proof Chipset
  • Shipping within Canada is $1.50

    Internationl shipping is $2.50