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Biodiversity is defined as the variety of life on Earth. Scientists believe that the sixth mass extinction of biodiversity is occurring as a result of anthropogenically caused climate change. In 2018, the World Wildlife Federation reported that by 2050 up to half of plant and animal species in the world’s most naturally rich areas, could face local extinction due to climate change if carbon emissions continue to rise unchecked

This is incredibly serious. 

It is for this reason that I am using "It Started in the Garden" as a platform to raise awareness about biodiversity. This page is dedicated to creating a more symbiotic relationship with the land with which we live. 

Within the song, I lyrically refer to "ivy" as well as "Nootka Roses." The former is an example of an invasive plant whereas the latter is that of a native plant. Invasive plants colonize ecosystems making it difficult for other plants to thrive, including ones that benefit the ecosystem. Native plants, however, work in harmony with the flora and fauna to provide life-giving supports. 

Yes, both may be visually beautiful, but be not beguiled. 

In the Pacific North West you can make a difference by pulling out the ivy from the ground to prevent it from growing up trees and other plants. Ivy can strangle or cloak a plant to death. Thoughtfully removing invasive plants, like ivy, is actually pretty fun. What's even more impactful is how easy it is to teach this to whomever you may be out with on a walk. 

Click here to learn how to identify and remove ivy

Click here to learn about the benefits and importance of wild roses 

Elise Boulanger - Song art for _It Started in the Garden_ by_ Laura Baldwinson (2021).JPG
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